Sunday, September 11, 2016

Innocent is Alive and Well!

Since Innocent left to return to be with his family and the fact that we have not heard from him we began to assume the worst.  In talking with the immigration Attorney that was helping Innocent, she said that possibly his Passport was tagged and upon his return he was detained.

Over the past several months I have sent a few emails hoping to hear from him.  This week I sent another one and the next day I received a reply from him.  The email is below:


Fri 9/9, 12:40 AM


Hi Brother Romney,
Long time ago, 5 months passed and I miss you.
Just to  tell you that you were my big family in America, I will always remember your family in my life.
In fact, I am in Rwanda but it is difficult for me to communicate. Now I am able to send message because I do have access to internet once a month.
I don't have job entitle  now.
Now I have a big problem to put an end on my refugee application case in the USA. So I need your help, just to contact the Lawyer and ask her to send a letter to the Immigration requesting the end of my case.
This will help me to come back in The USA after 2 years. Without this letter, I cant get in USA again.

Also, I want to ask you to give my greetings to your wife Barbara, to the Bishop and the Ward.
I am very grateful to the Bishop. 
Thank you so much for being my great family in Utah.
I was so pleased to hear from him.  He has been on mind ever since he left.  I feel that my prays have been answered and that he is OK.  I am glad that he has found a job and because of that he now has access to the internet.  I am looking forward to our communication and hope that it will continue.  I have inquired about his family and also if he has been able to meet the Bishop in his area.


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